An Aqua and Yellow Ducky Baby Shower.

I LOVE throwing parties. Most of the time my parties consist of a case of beer and grilled hamburgers in our backyard. It is a special treat when I get to throw something fancier, like a shower. I get all excited and inspired, because I get to prepare fancy food and be crafty by making decorations. In the spring I planned my friend, Wendy’s, Bridal Shower with the help of Debra, Anneand her husband, Rob. This past weekend we celebrated Wendy’s BABY shower. I wanted to keep it simple and elegant, but you also have to have a bit of cheese where babies are involved! Below are photos of the celebration that Debra and I put together: (click on photos to see them larger!)

I designed simple birdie themed invites using Photoshop.  Since I wasn’t selling the invites, I snagged a design from the talented artist, Sion Lee.


Labels for the gift bags were designed by reusing the address template I had created.  Inside were items for the ladies to shower and pamper themselves with:  Gaily Rebecca Soap, a light up “disco” ducky, and chocolates.

The “Spread”.

photo courtesy of Anne K.

I purchased the wood letters from Michaels, sprayed them white and adorned them with little wood duckies. They are hung with aqua and white polka dot grosgrain ribbon.  The bonus is that Wendy gets to take them home and use them in the baby room.

The table was decorated with different sized duckies which will become baby Ben’s future bath toys.  I loved how the Martha Stewart confetti looked like bubbles.

I purchased all white flowers from my local flower mart and reused the Ikea vases which had been purchased for Wendy’s bridal shower.

The bar.  Drinks offered were Pellegrino, Non-alcoholic mint mojitos, champagne and white wine.

Debra made a healthy Caprese Salad that was gobbled up. In the back is a veggie platter and apple & gouda sausage.

Baked Brie served with sliced apples.  THIS is going to become a party staple.  It was so easy to make and was a huge hit.  I want to make one all for myself.

In the back are Buffalo Chicken Bites that Debra prepared.  This has also become one of our party staples and was served at my bridal shower and Debra’s birthday.  You can find the recipe over at Fierce & Nerdy.

We also served pita chips with hummus and olive tapenade.


photo courtesy of Anne K.
photo courtesy of Anne K.

Ali made an adorable and tasty cupcake cake.  No pregnant belly and baby shaped cake-wrecks here!

We also served snickerdoodles, baked by Debra and chocolate chip cookies.

Three games were played through the course of the shower.  I tried to pick games that were interactive and as painless as possible, since none of the guests had children of their own and probably didn’t want an endless tyrade of all things baby.

The first game was “Don’t Say Baby”.  Each guest was greeted with a pacifier necklace and if they said “baby” at all throughout the shower and were called on it, their necklace would be taken from them.  The girl with the most necklaces at the end of the shower was the winner.

photo courtesy of Anne K.

The second game was “Guess Mommy’s Tummy Size”.  A spool of tummy tape and a pen were on the coffee table and the girls were to try and guess how big around Wendy’s tummy was.  They put their guesses in a bowl and near the end of the shower we tried each of them on Wendy to see who had the closest guess.  The winner was VERY accurate!


photo courtesy of Anne K.
photo courtesy of Anne K.

The last game was, “Guess What Baby Looks Like”.  The girls were divided into groups of three and they created collages of what thought the baby would look like.  The collaged were hilarious and Wendy will have the first portraits of her son to hang on the fridge.  I really hope none of them were accurate!

Here’s to a healthy baby and an easy birth!  Congratulations, Wendy!

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  1. Hey Janice! Long time no talk, I didnt know you had a blog, its super cute! I logged onto theknot today to ask a question, and saw a congrats post, then saw your blog that Wendy is having a baby too. How fun! My hubby and I are expecting in June, sooo excited!!

    I still get soo many compliments on the sash in my wedding pics!

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