Everything’s Coming Up Roses!

I have never been one for buying tons of jewelry.  I tend to have a few classic pieces that I either wear everyday, or rotate.  Ever since my husband first took me to look at engagement rings, I have a new found passion for all things sparkly and shiny.  My latest obsession is rose gold. I have never been a huge fan of yellow gold, but there is something about the warm pink glow of rose gold that makes me melt.

Below are my very favorite rose gold finds:  

MICHAEL KORS Midsize Rose Gold Chronograph Watch A coworker of mine wore a sold-out rose gold Michael Kors watch to work last year and I oogled it for months, scouring eBay for one like it to bid on, with zero luck.  Finally, Michael Kors wised up and came out with a rose gold watch in a new design.  I snapped that puppy up right away, I couldn’t even wait to ask for it for Christmas. It just arrived recently, and I am aching to wear it, but I have to go get it sized first! It is a beautiful watch and perfect when I want something sportier that goes with both my silver and my gold jewelry.

Tracy Reese Limited Edition Right Hand Ring  I love, love, LOVE this ring, and actually wanted it for my wedding band, but it will never be mine.  That doesn’t stop me from looking at the photo of it all the time and searching the internet for it.  The price is steep ($2500) and it sold out at Macy’s.  I have looked around for something like it for a better price, but have thus far been unsuccessful.  If anyone finds a match, please tell me!

Rose, yellow and white gold necklaces by a3 My good friend, and former classmate, Amy Lin, started this jewelry company recently and her designs are so delicate, feminine and unique.  She gave me one of her necklaces as a gift and I wear it almost every single day and always recieve complements.  I love the the way she mixes the metals and the careful details such as tiny gemstone beads at the closures.  Check out her website for a sneak preview of what is to come!

Rose Gold Smokey Quartz Ring from Amazon.com and

Rose Gold and Rough Cognac Diamond Cocktail Ring from Diamond in the Rough

These rings are on opposite ends of the price spectrum, but both have the yummy combination of chocolate and pink.  At $80, I may be able to convice my husband to buy me the Amazon.com one as a gift someday, but the “Diamond in the Rough” ring will just be dreamt about.  I am not sure what it costs, but my guess is upwards of $8000.

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