Tip of the Day: Pet Sponges!

How did a pet hair lifter sponge make it into a blog about sewing and costuming? These little yellow puppies are have a far greater use than removing pet hair from your La-Z-Boy. They remove make-up from fabric! Have you ever been hugged a little too ferociously by a budding Tammy Faye and ended up with remnants of her make-up on your clothing? Just rub a pet sponge on it and the make-up will lift right out!

I love this little trick, because I am usually in such a hurry that I don’t have time to use a wet-one or a Shout Wipe. They often just leave a bigger mess and then you have to wait for your clothing to dry. Also, you don’t know how the chemicals and liquid in wet wipes will react with your clothing. The pet hair sponge is a much safer alternative and won’t stain or damage your clothing. You can also use it to remove other annoying stains, such as dirt, pollen or baby powder. It works best for dry or slightly greasy stains. I wouldn’t try to mop up a glass of red wine with one!
You can find them at most pet stores and department stores such as Target. There are many different brands, but they are all the same yellow, rubbery and slightly sticky sponge and cost under $6. Pet sponges last forever, and are washable and reusuable. I usually buy one and cut it into 4 smaller pieces, so that I can have one in my purse, car, house and anywhere else I may need it.

Sponge, sponge like the wind!

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