DIY Monique L’huillier Sash

Colorful sashes tied around bridal gowns are all the rage right now.  It is a great way to add a splash of color to your dress, without going overboard and it really defines the waist. I was lucky enough to get a fantastic deal on my Monique L’huiller bridal gown (thank you ebay!), but I wasn’t happy with the color of sash that came with it. You can buy sashes in various colors from Monique L’huiller for $220 and up, which was simply out of the question.  Upon examining my original sash, I realized that it was just 4 yards of 4″ wide Double-faced Satin Ribbon! I went to my local fabric store and bingo!  They had tons of colors for under $5/yd, so for $20 I had my very own brand new L’huiller-style sash.

Here are tips on making your own:

-Call ahead to your local fabric store.  Jo-ann’s does not carry wide widths of double-faced ribbon, so you may have to drive a little further or order online.

-An ML sash is about 4 yards, but you may need slightly more or less depending on how you are tying your sash. With a piece of string or ribbon, decide how you would like to wrap and tie your sash.  Also decide how long you want the ends to hang.  There are many different possibilities.  I bought two different sashes and wore them tied different ways:


ceremony sash

Reception Sash
Reception Sash

– If you like the look of a slightly stiffer sash, do not wash it.  This would remove the sizing that almost all fabric comes with.  If you want a softer look, you can wash the sash in your sink in Woolite and throw it in the dryer with a couple towels. If it ends up TOO soft, just iron it with some spray starch.

– Once it is washed (or not washed), put your dress on and tie it around your waist.  With a pair of sharp fabric scissors cut the ends at a 45 degree angle.  (You can see in the photo above that I had not gotten to that step yet!).  This will keep the ends from fraying and it is also a nicer look.

The other great part about buying your own ribbon is that the double-faced satin comes in various widths, so you can buy extra for favors, programs, bouquets, or anything else you would like to work your color into!

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