Vintage Handkerchief Ring Pillow

I loved doing all sorts of DIY projects for our wedding.  We were married October 11, 2008 and I am already going through withdrawl.  This ring bearer pillow was one of my favorite (and easiest) projects. It is also a unique and personal shower gift for a fashionable bride.  I first saw this cute ring pillow idea in Martha Stewart, whose magazines never left my side during wedding planning.

Follow these tips for a romantic and one-of-a-kind ring pillow:

1. I bought the handkerchief for a steal on Ebay, but it is even better if your grannie or mom has a vintage handkerchief collection you can pillage.  My grandmother had tons that I used to thumb through when I was little girl, and it kills me that I don’t know what happened to them.

2. I made a 6″ square pillow from silk faille scraps I had laying around from another project.  You can also buy a small ring pillow and hand sew a square of fabric to the top of it , so that you do not see 1980’s bright white polyester peeking through.

               tip: if you are making the pillow yourself, round the corners as you sew them, instead of doing    harsh points.

3. Once your base pillow is ready to go, simply wrap the handkerchief around the pillow so that the 4 corners touch in the center.  Hand tack them down with matching thread.

4. Sew a button in the center.  I used a covered button and carpet thread to hold it in place. I also sewed a button to the bottom side of the pillow and ancored the two buttons together to get the indent in the center of the pillow.

5. Tie a ribbon around the button, tie your rings on and you are ready to get married!


My completed ring pillow.
My completed ring pillow.

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